Who do I regularly work with?
Situated at The Asylum Venue in Birmingham, the partnership with Total Uprawr is an interesting one! Uprawr is a famous staple night out within Birmingham for those that love an alternative night out with regular confetti cannons, competitions, and themes. 
Originally taken on to produce a multicamera podcast with a variety of guests, it didn't take long before this role encompassed many other areas such as club night photography, working on promotional material, and producing vlog content.
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Simon Tomlinson is a video producer and photographer currently based within the Jewelry Quarter. Simon works primarily with businesses of all sizes on a variety of projects from testimonial style talking heads, to internal training videos.
The relationship with Simon has been beneficial both parties; being able to call upon another professional for assistance at short notice. Some of the previous projects worked on vary from Portraiture to Corporate Training Videos.
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